Rode yellow, then blue, now I ride red

After life on a '03 drz400s and a '99 yz400f, life has begun on my '03 xr650r. I got the bike from my dad after he passed away, my little brother is getting my yamaha. I've ridden it twice before, but now it's mine and mods must take place.

I'm gonna do the white brother's E2 slip-on, teraflex rear tire, maybe some pastrana high-rise pro taper bars. Any other must haves for an xr? My style of riding is 100 miles a day of washes and whoops, a little and I mean a little air, and a stop at my desert rose.

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Their are a bunch of good guys who own a XRR that will point you in the right direction with mods. WB E-series and maybe some Pro Taper CR high bend bars. Thats what I got on my XRL(aka: best bike in the world):thumbsup:

Good luck with the bike and ride safe!:thumbsup:

Congratulations on the freight train...

You must have a stabilizer; cannot live without one

scotts or GPR

the high bend pro taper is good if you're 5'11" or taller. We ride these things standing up most of the time

Spend some money on the suspension before the exhaust, especially if you like whoops. Find a company that can revalve and totally tune your suspension...down in san diego we have precision concepts. It costs $500 for the rear shock and the same for thre forks. the difference can keep you out of the ER. Before I did my suspension I crashed in my first race...after the mods, I can pin it in 4th over most big whoop sections.

The BIG RED PIG is a special machine. You're a made man.

PM me if you have any other specific questions...


Oh yea, the foot peg thing...The right pegs break off all the time...A design flaw...check animal house designs for their mod kit. $75.oo...

If not just make sure you tighten the allens on the right side before any long rides.

One of the most common problems is the counter shaft seal...order one and the clip. In baja, most of us ride with a back up.

We BRP owners take care of our own. Have a good weekend...

I take it brp means "big red pig"? I know all about precision concepts but thanks for the info on those two problem spots

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad.

Good luck to you and yours.

Good bike too. Have fun.

I take it brp means "big red pig"? I know all about precision concepts but thanks for the info on those two problem spots

Another thing I forgot that anyone else would tell you is the choke plate...

I see you're in CA...If the bike has not been uncorked, or still has the "CALIFORNIA" sold intake restrictor (rubber thing that blocks of the intake to the carb)...make sure to replace the stick choke plate...

I learned the hard way when I bought mine from a guy who replaced the intake restrictor with the "49 state" style...but he left the smaller choke plate which has a little flap thing on it...Long story short, the motor has a tendency to suck the metal flap right into the top end...

Compare your existing choke plate with the one from XR's only...May save your top end...

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