Nothing better to do tonight so I decided to see how heavy the beast is. With 1 gallon of fuel and all other fluids = total 251 lbs.

Does anyone know the weight of the YZ400?????? So what is the weight of your WR???? Oh and don't let the wife know that you are using the household scale.har

What did you use to weigh it?

Hey, i'm getting a pretty trick digital 2000LB scale @ the shop in a week or so and i'll weigh mine to compare.

I used the trusty household scale, it worked great. First I got the correct weight of my stand then I put the stand on the scale followed by the WR. I've been on a mission to reduce weight so it would be nice to hear what your WR's weigh in at.

Brand spanking new in Mar 99 my 99 WR 400 totally stock with no fuel in the tank weighed 263lbs.

Now it is fully dual sported has all the titantium and carbon fiber goodies made and it weighs 252lbs. I always weigh all bikes ready to ride but with no fuel in the gas tank--it makes honest comparisons easier.


I just propped my bike up on the scale and got a reading of 284 minus the 16 for the stand and 2x4's i used to weigh it. Also there is about 2 gallons of fuel in it. At about 7lbs a gallon subtract another 14 thats 254. No headlight, white bros e-series.

add for Scotts Dampner, skid/frame guards.

This is an estimation obviously but probably within 5 lbs.


I went the whole nine yards on titanium and aluminum fastners. Almost every nut and bolt has been replaced with titaniun or aluminum. I have Ti axels, swing arm pivot all the shock linkage, foot pegs, Ti head pipe, etc. My bike also has the Yam ti subframe.

As to carbon fiber again the whole nine yards you name it its CF on my bike: airbox, side panels, engine mag cover, engine clutch cover, engine mounts and head stay, seat pan mounts, fork guards upper and lower, countershaft sprocket cover, chain guide, White Brothers Carbon Fiber e-series promeg exhaust, etc.

The following are things that added weight to my bike: Baja Designs dual sport kit (est 5lbs, IMS 3.3 gal tank and seat, Acerbis rally guards with integral turn signals, Scotts shark fin, Devol Radiator guards, Scotts dampener, Scotts front tripple clamps, Pro-tech kick starter, BBR billet R. brake lever, Works connection Pro lever, a real rear view mirror, E-line Skid plate, Motion pro mini tool kit with a few addtional tools, N style graphics, 45 cc more oil in each fork tube, Vortex ignition with associated handle bar mounted selection switch, stator rewind, and 5.3 oz of flywheel weight.

Yes it is your basic high $$ street legal 252lb WR 400. But at least at the moment I only have one high tech scoot. First time in fifteen years I'm down to only one bike.


It would be nice to get the weight down into the 230's with no fuel.

Clark what titanium parts have you added? and how much weight did it save? Has anyone replaced the subframe?

Here is everything that I have done to WR:

FMF aftermarket exhaust and header pipe

Carbon fiber fork guids, waterpump guard, Chain guide, Front Sprocket cover and case guard.

Removed overflow tank

Removed light

Removed odometer

Removed odometer drive on right front fork, replaced with YZ seal and spacer

Replace rear fender with YZ fendor

Replace rear sprocket

Replace Stock tank with YZ400 stock tank and seat.

Scotts triple clamps with pro tapers

Works connection pro perch with comp. release

420 Kit polished and ported

Carb octopus gone

Titanium foot pegs

Regina O-ring gold chain

Talon Sprockets

Race Tech suspension

Fast line break lines

Works connection ignition cover

Is this bike fun or what - oh and expensive

Hey Clark,

Where did you get your Titanium subframe? How much was it? Did it save much weight?


John Dumke


I got it from Montclair Yamaha 1-(800)RID-EYAM. Its ti so it saves about 40% over steel. It save approx 2lbs of high placed weight. Its a Yamaha part.


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Mine too! It's AMAZING! :D Well, deduct another 2 lbs for my PCT4 exhaust. total weight 234lbs. :) By the way , I do have a mint BBR aluminum subframe for the WR or YZ for sale, (the titanium subframes supposedly have problems with stress cracking over time)

200.00 regularly 400.00. saves 2lbs. over stock. I did see a pro rider at Glen Helen that had a chromoly frame on his yz and he said it saved him about 10lbs. I'd hate to find out what the cost is on that thing!


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[This message has been edited by So Cal Erik (edited 09-10-2000).]


Where did you get the Ti axles & swing arm pivot? I’ve seen GYT-R bolt kits for just about everything but haven’t seen axles, are they GYT-R or made by someone else?

Good lord how much was GYT-R Ti subframe?



I got them from Titantium Advantage as a matter of fact I helped them with the rear axel and nut design as I was the first 99WR for the ti stuff and some changes were made between 98 and 99 plus I had a better idea for their axel nut which they liked. Pick up a copy of Cycle News and and look for them in the ads section in the back.


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