Front wheel cocked slightly after wheel install?

Maybe someone has an idea, because I'm totally out of 'em.

I just pulled my spare XR650R out of storage and went through the bike, rebuilding the forks and lubing all of the bearings. For the front end, forks were removed and rebuilt, and stem/lower TC was removed and bearings were greased. When reinstalling the wheel I made sure to tighten axle first, then spin the wheel and brake-check it 5 times, then tightened the right fork clamp nuts. Anyway, now the front wheel sits to the right a bit (about what you'd see after a moderate crash). I've tried removing the wheel and forks and reinstalling everything with no change. So, does anyone have any ideas what it could be? I really doubt the TC's are bent (the last few times I rebuilt the bike the wheel was perfectly straight and this bike has never been crashed hard).

Thanks! :thumbsup:

I would recheck the upper and lower triple clamp alignment to one another ..if they are tweaked ever so slightly that misalignment shows up more dramatically at the other end of the forks causing the wheel to be off center ...

this happened to me before, loosen all for bolts, move the wheel into the posision where youd like it to be, then tighten the fork bolts back up again. make sure you dont over tighten

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