my bike is runnign wierd

Welll i went out riding today and i went out of this trail and went to cross the road to go to the trail acrosss from it and hit the gas and my bike wne bog and stalled i have a yz400f well i sat there kicking and kick wiated a little long kicked it and it started up went ahead to the trail and as soon as i got on the trail bog and it wouldnt start again well i did this 3 times intill i got to a spot wheere my step dad came out and picked me up im running 94 in it and there was gas in it it starts now but it will start to bog and then runn then bog any suggestions to wat would be wrong with it???

could be a lot of things.... first I would check your gas cap. Mine stopped venting and would actually vapor lock. try riding it with the cap about a third of a turn loose and see if that helps.

cheap place to start.

If that dont work you can try pulling the choke out and open the throttle up. This is an old trick I learned back in the day,........doing this is suppose to let any dirt that might have gotten into the carb........out. I've all ways herd that if you had a bike that bogged or missed a little to try this (if you suspected dirt in the carb) that it would blow it out. You can try it......And who knows!...... It just might work if by any chance you may have a spec of dirt stopping up one of your jets.

have you jetted your bike for your elevation??? Also try an edelbrock carb if you can afford it they kick ass!!! Do you have a fuel filter in your fuel line??? Also check your spark plug gap and see what kind of shape the plug is in eg: oil fouled, carbon fouled or something like that.... The vent hose is an important one also... Also take a flashlite and check you're tank for crap in in like pine needles, leaves dirt, and crap that shouldn't be there... Like was previously stated it could be a lot of things... but at least you got an idea where to start... :thumbsup:

yes thanks for the ideas ya its so wierd ive never jetted it for my elevation but ive had it now for like 2 months never had a pronblem with it its always bin reliable and now it runs for like a minute then u hit the gas and it goes bog

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