white brothers r4 exhaust question

I've got a white brothers r4 series exhaust on my 02 yz 426, and want to do some trail riding around my area. The problem is that it doesn't have (that I found) the USFS approved stamp on it. Does anyone know if there is an insert that I can get to replace the on thats in it? I noticed that its got a spark arrestor in it already, but it isn't USFS stamped. Does anybody have any solutions to my problem?



That's wierd, I had one on my '01 426 and it did have the USFS stamp on the inside of the can. It says "USFS Qualified Spark Arrestor With Screen Insert Installed." Here's a pic. Not real easy to read, but you can see it there. I wonder why yours wouldn't have this?


HAH! Thanks for the pic. I found it! I looked all over the thing but it was caked in dirt, and I didn't think to look on the front of it on the inside. It is USFS approved after all. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks!!

No problem. Glad that cleared things up for ya.

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