air box to carb question

hey guys you know the hose that runs between the air box and the carb? how do you get that back on after taking it off? (on the carb side) the frame is completely in the way and i tried from the other side. any tips would be apprecitated.

ps. just installed fuel screw and Boysen quick shot :thumbsup:

I had the same problem 2 days ago, after rejetting and installing a new fuel screw. I did it by loosening up the clamp really well and losening up the subframe to get free movement. hope this helps.

Patience and skinny fingers help a lot. I rejetted my carb a few weeks ago and when I went to reassemble everything I ran into the same problem. No doubt, it's not easy to reach to help the hose back onto the carb but it can be done. I was on the left side (petcock side) and used a small flat-head screwdriver to reach underneath the bottom side of the hose to help fit it around the port on the carb. Be careful not to cut up the inside of the hose, you're not prying, just creating a little guide of sorts. With some patiences and some bruised knuckles I finally got it on. Yeah, it's a pain but so far everything about the 07 carb is a pain as far as I've seen.

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