Hot start problems

Hey all,

All this talk about oranges and I am getting hungry. ANyway, I have had my first real problem with the hot start. Mine was not closing correctly, the result was a loss in bottom end. Not so much a loss, but poor performance on the bottom end.

So, everytime you change the oil, pull apart the hot start and clean that also.



Mitch etal

A simple fix for this or any future problem with closure of the HS button on 98-99WR's and YZ's is to purchase a small "O" ring about 5/16" OD x 3/16" ID. Take the HS button appart and slip the "O" ring under the plunger and all sealing problems are solved. Kregan has these in the USA and any auto parts stores should have them. Look for small "O" rings and look in the air conditioning section also.


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Clark, have you had the hotstart apart on the 00 carb? have you seen any problems with them? I've had no problems with it, just wanted to know if anybody else had.Thanks


No I have very little experience with the 00 Carb. My comments as stated refer to the 98-99 Carbs.


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