Rear Tire?

Any suggestions for a rear tire. I ride hard packed logging roads and single track trails that can be soft with rocks and roots. Anyone tried the new Dunlop 606?

I whole heartedly endorse the 606 Dunlop. It is DOT approved as well so if you are dualing, no problems. Excellent wearing tire I have 500 km on mine, mostly off road, and it looks better than the 739 that saw only half that mileage.


Hey Mike!

I probably ride some of the same areas you do and I choose the Michelin S12, front and back. Remember the Michelin sizing is different than most. Stock WR sizing is front 80/100-21 and rear 110/100-18. The Michelin equivalent is 90/90-21 and 130/80-18. I decided to go wider in the back, 140/80-18, and am defintely not unhappy. I love em, it was a huge improvment over the stock Dunlops.

Good Luck!

Just got back from a week of riding the Colorado Rockies. The Dunlop 606 is excellent on hardpack. However, when the terrain gets muddy it does not hook up well.

But it should wear for a long time. I'll go back to an intermediate tire for my next choice.

Did you guys see the tire report in the Sept Motocrossw Action that talks about a 739G and 739F?

It claims the "G" version is designed just for 4-strokes, and hooks up much better than the "F" version.

The last two D739s that I purchased don't seem to show what they are.

I'm running the dunlop 606 since 4 month, maybe it have around 500 km on it. The tire is still at 75% and I'm doing 80/20 road/trail. Surprising thing is that the 606 is slimmer than the stock one. On hard packing I could not tell the difference with the stock (never had one) but on deep sand this is far than being the best (too narrow, you just dig and dig).

What should we look on a tire for tight trail with rocks (round and sharp), roots and slippery surface? Wide or narrow? tight thread or spaced? Hard of soft rubber?

Originally posted by DaveJ:

Did you guys see the tire report in the Sept Motocrossw Action that talks about a 739G and 739F?

I thought that was for front tires only. My 426 came with the 739g up front but the rear just said plain ol' 739. I hated the front and replaced it with a 752 (I think) right away. I read that the g model had stiffer sidewalls for the heavier YZF. If so that is probably why it was so terrible in soft terrain.

I now am in love with my 756 front and 4 ply 739 Desert A/T in back, it doesn't chunk off knobs in rocks (like a 752 does) but, IMO, gets good traction in sand.

The 695 and 739 seem kind of similar to me, I wonder if the 739 Desert A/T is replacing the 695 Desert tire? I'm just happy to have a 4 ply desert tire for my 19 inch YZ wheel.

DaveJ, it is my understanding that the Dunlop 739F or 739FA is the front tire and the 739G is a rear tire. The G is supposed to be designed for four strokes. My 426 came with a 739F on front and a 739G on the rear. The 739G works well on hard pack to intermediate but not so well in sand and loose stuff. Wears well too.

The Dunlop 739 Desert A/T is a big ol heavy tire that sucks up horsepower like crazy. It seems like I added a 2 pound flywheel weight when I first put it on.

I am running a Bridgestone M22 right now for the Arizona hard conditions. It works great, no it is not the latest greatest Alleged 4 stroke tire but it hooks to the ground and is reasonably light and readily available.


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