WR vs YZ vs XR

I'm pushing 40 yrs old and weigh about 175 at 5'10". I have been riding for about 8 months on a ’99 YZ 125 mostly on cross country tracks/trails around North Texas. The terrain is hard with some sand and rocks with some decent size hills. The bike really does well for the most part. The problem is that I'm really pulled to the four-stroke world. The XRs and WRs. I like the idea of more low-end torque on hill climbs and not being concerned with staying 'on the pipe'. Plus I might be able to idle for more than a minute without fouling a plug.

The weight of the YZ 125 is around 220 lbs. and feels pretty good. The four strokes seem to be a bit heavier. Also, the YZ 125 feels pretty nimble around the trails.

Any ideas on a four stroke that I might like? I'm afraid the WR400 may a bit too much bike for me but I've never ridden one. The 2001 WR250 sounds interesting. I wonder what the hill climbing capabilities would be. I'm not really a go-fast guy either. I rarely get out of third gear.

So, maybe in summary I'm looking for a light, nimble bike that is full of low-end torque.

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.


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Suggestions to consider-

4-stroke:XR250, KLX250, WR250

2-stroke:KTM200EXC, 250EXC, 300EXC

Or the Yamaha TTR-250 or 225 (basic bike)

If you want a good trail bike with good low end but power enough to climb hills go for the xr400-not much heavier or taller than the 250 but world of difference with the power.

From your description.... I would say Yam WR250F, or Honda XR400

Thanks for the replies. There are some good suggestions here for me to check out. Are the four-stroke 250s able to make it up decent size hills? Would I need to go with a 400 for that?


Hi BlueDog, a 52t/53t sprocket on a wr400f should suit your riding need.

You can actually trail ride it in 3rd gear the whole day.

To climb the vertical, a drop in gear will do just fine with a aftermarket pipe which boost the low end.

Ya, you need a bottom end blue monster



'98 WR400F, YZ timed, main:180, pilot:48, DVR needle 4th clip from top,

snorkel removed, YZ tank/seat combo, YZ front no.plate/rear fender,

DSP Ti exhaust system, Brembo front brake,steel braided hose, EZ clutch adjust perch,

Stroker billet rear brake reservoir

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The YZ and WR250F's are new for 2001, and I believe are supposed to be at dealers in December, so it would be hard to rate the hill climbing abilities yet. The write ups say Yamaha is claiming 37hp for the bike, so I would think it should be able to climb pretty well... A 125 lb YZ125?? I don't believe I've seen one under 200...does it have wheels!?

Thanks for the help. :) I cant wait to check out the new 01 models. The dealers around here won't let you test ride them though. Too bad...

Well let's see the last hill I went up was littered with 2 strokes that either spun and lost too much speed/traction, or hit something got deflected off, lost the back end and didn't make it. Here I come literally "putting" up it all the way, straight as an arrow. Yes, 4 strokes are generally better on hills, but always is the rider too. I find the WR easy to ride slowly if that's what you want. In other words, it shouldn't scare you unless you want it to. You don't have to worry about what your gear your in as much or if it will bog like a 125. I would bet the YZ/WR250F's are going to be the hot ticket for you!


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