Hey Guys,

UPDATE. My first event that was cancelled MANY time is now Officially on the 17th of September. Lets hope nothing happens to me then.....

Other news, I am planning on going to see if I can participate in the "Guidon D'" in Bercy, PAris next year. Depending on how I go in the racing in Australia, I will be arranging a few mags to provide me the sponsorship necessary to race there. I can get there, but I will need the assistance in getting a bike.

See you all soon.


Just curious Mitch, where can I see some motard action in Victoria? Is it a sort of rally-cross for bikes or is it more like oval speedway?

Hey Splint,

It sort of is rally cross, but lots more road race surface... 2/3 road and 1/3 mx in one lap. jumps and all.... :)

In victoria, just follow me around.. :D

The first real event is next Sunday in Woollongong, NSW. If youa re interested, you can hitch a ride up with me on saturday.


So Mitch... are you running the roadrace 17" tires/wheels with hand grooved tires? or RR rains?.... Suspension lowered?... If you are running the pavement tires the traction must not be so great on the dirt parts huh?... Are there many tracks doing that in OZ?

Hi De,

I have been and will run road race tires. Not grooved slicks as I personally dont see the real benefit. I have tried a number of wet weather tires including: Avon, Bridestone and Pirelli. They work great in the wet and OK on the dirt. But, when the track gets dry, there is not enough lean angle.

Thus, for this first event, I will be running 207GP front and Dunlop 150/50 rears. Cant remember the name? 17" wheels front and back.

As far as the dirt component, I am not concerned, it is all a matter of sliding into the corner and using the natural ruts as a launching pad if you know what I mean.


Mitch I'd really like to go along to see what it's all about as I'm a bit of a motorsport nut, but I wouldn't wish to impose upon you at all or get in your way of your race day preps, when the races come to Vic, I'll be there for sure to cheer you on.

Hey Splint,

Not a problem. You would not be imposing. The more people that are there the better for the sport.

If you are interested, you are more than welcome to ride up with me.


Ok Mitch count me in! I'm looking foward to seeing some 'motard mania'. You can let me know how you want to work it buy ringing me on 9754 5698 when ever conveinient for you.

greatly appriecated,


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