Ty Davis Fuel Tank information

The Ty Tank works great. However, if you purchase one be aware of the following during installation--and have a great ride

One note of CAUTION though--the tank comes with two auxilary transfer petcocks which you must install. Once installed you connect the supplied fuel line between them to allow the fuel to flow between the two low hanging sides.

To install the aux pet cocks you must pass a drill bit through the hole in the center of each of the moulded in brass threaded fittings and drill through the plastic behind to open the tank for the petcock. Once you drill out the holes large enough to screw in the petcocks turn the tank upside down and use compressed air to blow out any drill shavings that may be in the tank.

USE some non hardining pipe dope or thread sealer which is compatable with gasoline and install the pet cocks so they both face backwards and DO NOT OVER tighten them or you will immediatly spin the brass fitting in the plastic and runin the tank. BE SUPER CAREFUL do not try to use a wrench and turn it that last half turn it will spin the fitting in the plastic and ruin the tank-- let the sealer do its job. A quarter of a turn to tight is all you should ever try for otherwise go backwards and call it good.

The tank came with standard IMS tank instrucions which said nothing about how to install the transfer petcocks. MY frend Steve ruined his tank, however, Ty warranted the tank and sent him a new one. So be careful on installation.

If you get one of these tanks you will be very satisfied as it is real thin and carries the fuel low.

If you get one and want me to help you with the installation e-mail me and we will hook up via e-mail or on the phone.



Perfect timing on your post. I got my Ty Davis Tank (Blue) on Friday. But didn't read the instructions until last night and got pretty confused. I may be contacting you in a few days for help. Thanks



is this tank any lower on top?

can you move forwards more easily?

i want to move further forward on my Clarke tank but it doesn't come naturally.

i could start a new thread but i'll ask you while i'm here. i de-octopussed whilst at the Manx GP. i understood all your instructions & followed them easily enough.

what i want to know is;

do yanky bikes have this tiny tube sticking out to the left, it's upstream of the carb. i think it had a 95 or something jet in the end.

did you pull the (now spare) tubes out of the carb or did you leave them there & block them off.

Thanks. Taffy


The Ty tank and YZ seat are much flatter on top than a stock WR tank. But so are the IMS and Clarke tanks.

When you deoctopus you want to block off the two ports left on the carby. One port is on the intake horn closest to the air box and the other is just forward and has a secondary air jet I believe it is a 95. You want to block this off also. This is on 98-99WR's I'm not sure of 00's have nerver looked at one.

When done you should have a direct air hose connection between the port on the intake manifold on the engine at the head and the hot start button and thats it.


that's what i've got. Thanks.



Will the Ty tank work with a stock WR seat?


Glenn, you will need a yz compatable seat.



The Ty tank is not compatible with the stock WR seat. As Harold stated you need a YZ style seat. IMS sells a seat (thats the one I run) or you can get a stock setup. The IMS seat is more comfortable than a stock WR or YZ seat.


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