Long term reliability of KTM 520

Has any one heard anything about the long term reliability of the KTM 520's. I don't see how it could be as good as the WR's.

I know of 2 owners of '00' 520's... one of them races MX on a 520SX and just bought a '01'... and you figure he wouldn't have bought another if the 1st one was trouble... plus he has never mentioned any trouble with the 00, and he is a rider that has won AMA national amateur champships (fast guy)..... the other guy has been doing well in his "Open C" class at hare scrambles and has reported no troubles and loves the bike.... As far as theory goes the 520's are low revver's not screamers so maybe they will last longer?.... And from the "No way!" department... I talked to a GNCC regular this week who said that he met a 270 pound guy who was telling him how easy it was to start his 520 and showed him by using his HAND to start it!... Now I'd have to see that to believe it... but the guy who told me that is a straight shooter, no bullshit kind of guy.

My friend was pushing the kickstarter on a 520 very slowly trying to feel for the compression hard spot and it started!


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You Yamaha guys have KNOWN clutch problems and are talking about how reliable the 426's are? No problems with my KTM 400sx here! I have yet to hear of any problems with anybody

else I know that rides the 520 or 400 KTM's,other than having to explain to blue bike owners that orange bikes are better!

He's got a 100 pounds more persuasion than me. I was showing off one day and started my 426 with sandals on, no problem, first kick.

Scott F

a 270 pound guy who was telling him how easy it was to start his 520 and showed him by using his HAND to start it![/b]

Without using the compression release lever??????

A group of us went up to Black River Falls WI, to do some woods riding, One of us had a brand new KTM 520 EXC,3 of us had WR's, 1 DRZ400, and a KLX300. The KTM made it in the woods about 5 miles before it started stalling, it would slowly drop RPM's and then stall. Tried adjusting out the carb etc. No effect. Talked to the same guy this weekend,since then has had ignition probs, overheating probs, carb probs, suspension probs,ETC!!! I will say one thing though, It sure does kick easy!! Try disconnecting the auto decompression release though.All bikes are unique, it's alot of fun to ride them all back to back. No bike is perfect! Just ride them and remember what those old IT250's used to ride like. That will make any bike about perfect!!


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