XR650L diving front end

Anyone experience the front end of your 'L' diving and plowing upon deceleration in loose dirt,sand or mud? I feel like I'm about to go over the bars when this happens. 5' 9" 165#. Bike still has stock front tire. I've got the bars rolled as far forward as I dare. Should I adjust the clickers on the forks? What might be a good setting?

Any thoughts???

I adjusted my forks just a couple clicks from full hard but I suspect that the most frustrating part of your setup is the stock front tire. It washes out off road a LOT. Get a decent aggressive tire on there and see the difference.

I've got a new MT-21 in the garage. Waiting to recover from the rear tire install before attacking the front. Should be easier though. I'll adjust the clickers too.

Thanks for the reply

You might want to change the fork oil too, you can always put a heavier weight in from stock if you want a overall stiffer/slower feel to them.

You can ALSO fine tune the forks by upping the oil level in them a bit.

More oil = forks stiffening up sooner in the travel = less nose dive.

i put 1.5 lbs of air in forks and that helped a bunch

mt21 tires fixed alot of that stuff on my L.

I put Progressive variable rate springs in my 94' (the dealer did anyway). Helped out alot. Front end had a completely different feel even on the street.


I did change my oil to 10w and set the clicker in the middle setup , 7 click I think and I always have an good agressive tire and it works great for me. I also have fork brace ao I don't know if they help for something here.


Remember suspension is a balance.

Very seriously, check the rebound in the rear. I suspect you may be very low or your shock may tired.


ya fork brace made a difference too on mine.

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