blue smoke from ol blue

finished an enduro on sunday with a bike that was hot n' flustered. i did 3 x 13 mile laps & the first went great. on the second it pinked in top so i took on some fresh fuel for the third-that cured it. then the third. right from the line it didn't like top-no pull. this is across a flat field where you just want to let it go with no worries.

i was alright in the snotty stuff & it didn't stall which is usually a sure sign of impending doom.

but get it on the open field & the heat blast back on my jeans was the warmest ever. it never bubbled or boiled though.

got back to the paddock & found a little bung had fallen off the side of the carb which blocked the secondary air bleed. i think it was making it run lean at the top end. i could hear a little sucking noise (i'm on the standard exhaust).

none of this would have been a problem but riding back to the trailer & leaving the bike on tickover whilst i partook of scones & a drop of earl grey i looked back to see the thing was (gasp!) smoking!!!

i took it home & tidied it all up, started it & it smokes like a good'en.

now i did about 500 miles on holiday & dropped the oil & it had a white tinge to it & that notorious 'eggy' smell. oh dear i thought headgasket. but on dropping the oil tonight no water & just the slightest 'eggy' whiff still aromatically pervades the Lloyd workshop.

engine out & on the bench. not a sausage. not a b***** sausage wrong with it. bore like new, cams ace-o-lux. water where it should be, headgasket great, piston great.

so why the smoke, the 'eggy' smell (water/oil usually).

all i've done is the following for the tiffosi to peruse;

white bros filter, DXM (std needle)up a clip to the 5th, std main of 168, pilot is up from 45 to 48. i had de-octopussed it on holiday & it ran brilliantly, just boiling once in one shitty bog. you know this is a 100 air jet the other one was left at the std 62.


so boys-fire away what are your idea's please. Taffy

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Just some possibilities. How about valve guides being worn, Ring stuck inside of piston? Im not sure about a crank case vent, but if the crank case is vented into the airbox and you have blow by It will smoke. Is there any oil in the carb bowl?

You only lost power at high revs?

Oil had a white tinge or a metallic tinge?

What did the smoke smell like? Oil or water?



Did it use any coolant on rides when it hasn't boiled over or was it low afterwards? The waterpump seal on the impeller shaft could be a source of the white tinge in your oil on the earlier oil change.


the oil had a white tinge, there is no metal in this equation. i'm 100% it was water. i'm doing the waterpump seal thanks james.

i lost a drop of water at the beginning of the holiday which is what i'm sure i found when i drained the oil. but then it hasn't used a drop since! there was some air in the pipe to the overflow & i figured when it pushed the air out when boiling it took water back & this accounted i thought for a slight drop in coolant level. i must have put in 1/2 a small cup of water.


i'll be honest i didn't smell the exhaust fumes, the 'eggy' smell is very much 'around' the bike.

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