Oil Filters

What's the skinny. Is everyone buying the Yamaha oil filters; or are there some others out there that are cheaper, with the same quality? What are some ideas of oil the guys are using these days. I hate to sound cheap, but when you try to change it once a week or so it gets kind of costly.

Thanks again CMH

The last time I went to buy a filter I didn't see the guy I normally deal with, so I asked some new guy for a filter. He brought me out some aftermarket brand. I pulled it out of the box, it looked very cheap. I was about to ask for the oem filter when out from the back my normal guy walks out. I asked him about this aftermarket filter, he says "I wouldn't use it, I have heard of these seperating at the solder point".

He sugggests buying a spare & cleaning the old one with brake cleaner before reusing. That is what I have been doing for the last year or so.


I also use the stock or OEM filters. I just clean it with contact cleaner and reuse, and keep a spare on hand. I've been using the one that came in the bike since December. They should last quite a while.

I concur I'v been using the stock filter and keep a spare on hand just in case the stock one gets torn. I usually clean the stock filter and reuse it about 5 times then replace it. I run about 300miles between oil changes so each stock filter lasts about 6 months. I have never seen a stock filter with a tear in it.


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