is it common to find metal shavings on your oil filter

I just bought a used 99 wr400 awhile ago. So far every time I change the oil I find what looks to me is fine metal shavings. Is this common or should I start to worry.....

The bike has low hours so I was told...

Yes it's pretty normal, the older it gets the less you find. The first couple of oil changes I even had blue paint and gasket sealer in my filter and screen!! I've got about 18oo miles on her now and I don't see alot of filings.

I have a 99 WR400 with 2000 km's and i am still finding small amounts of metal on the filter but when i got the bike from new there was a lot of metal shavings for about the first 3 changes.

Chances are if you are still showing a lot of metal in your filter then the guy that sold you the bike wasnt lying about the low hours.

Change the oil frequently untill the metal disapears. After a while it will disapate.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F


Same thing for my '00 WR, filter had metal shavings and bits of what looked like clutch debris from break in.

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