Can someone tell me what I need to do to grease my front end and linkage on my WR426.I hate to remove all the wiring from the headlight area. Do i need to remove the shock or can I get away with just unbolting everything from the bottom? Please type it in a step by step process so I can print it out and use it in the garage. Thanks!


Check your owners manual pages 5-46 and 5-52, there is some useful information.

Regreasing everything is highly recommended. I followed the advice of the news group and was glad I did.

Regreasing or in the case of a new bike...greasing, is a pain in the butt the first time. But after you get used to pulling it all apart, it goes quickly.

I don't totally remove the shock. Just unbolt it from the linkage. You will have to remove the rear brake lever and the kickstand as well as the chain guide roller to pull the swingarm.

You won't have to remove all the wiring from the front end and steering head. But it is a good idea to remove the forks and clamps. I tried to do it once by just removing the top clamp and letting the forks drop low enough to grease the lower head bearing. It was a PAIN in the arse to get it back in place. So much for taking the lazy way. It really isn't so bad and it is kind of fun in a sadistic way.


Dennis :)

One other thing to think about would be the kind of grease you are using. Remember, the WR frame carries hot oil from the engine, which in turn heats up the steering head area, melting lesser grease.

If you don’t have a grease chosen I would recommend Silkolene RG2 grease, its water proof and has a very high melting temp. I actually use this grease for the steering head, linkage, wheel bearings and even as an air filter grease!

Oh, if you haven't worked on the linkage on a WR before be aware of the wax like cage that lubricates the needle bearings in the swing arm. Don't remove these. I know it'll be tempting cause it looks kind of like dryed up grease. I actually did remove mine not knowing better. I used this RG2 and have had no problems, but better safe than sorry.


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I was going to use Bel-Ray waterprof grease on it. Thanks for the reply.


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