Frustrated with new 02 WR426

Overall I am impressed with the WR426. Having transitioned from a KX500 to the WR without having ridden one I am very pleased with the performance of the bike. I got it a week ago and spent about three hours breaking it in. All seemed to go well. Got together with some buddies and took it out for a nice long ride. Put nearly 48 miles on it when the clutch started making internal grinding noises when pulling in the clutch lever. Fortunately I was a mile from the truck and was able to shut it down pretty fast. Anyone had a similar problem such as this? I pulled the cover and looked at the clutch assembly and everything was tightened to specs.

On another note, are the Yamaha torque specs in the manual accurate? I torqued the oil bolt (back of the cylinder to spec (I should have known that 13 was too much) and broke the bolt off in the cylinder. Fortunately it's hollow and was easy to remove. I'm now waiting on the new bolt before the shop can diagnose and repair. I never had any problems with the torque specs on the KX.

Change your oil and clean the filter.. Oops you pulled the cover so you did. Well tell us how that 30 day factory warranty works out.. And share what went wrong...


Got the WR back from the shop today. They said clutch cable was too tight (due to the aluminum bars I put on it.) OK. However, the clutch is still clattering away like something is loose or a bolt has backed out. The tech at the Yami shop said they loosen up a bit after riding them and that the noise is normal. He assured me it would be fine and to ride it. OK... I hope it doesn't scatter somewhere out on the trail....I may take it to the other Yami shop for a second opinion.

On another note, while it was in there I had them do the throttle stop mod and remove the snorkle on the air box. Sounds WAY different with that snorkle gone. Can't wait to ride it.

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