WRs hard to start!!!

I thought I would relate a story from last weekend for all of those who think the WR is hard to start.....

I went into the garage and my 10 yr old son was starting his XR75, showing off to his buddies by reving it up in the garage. I asked him (half joking) if he would like to try and start the Blue Beast.

He wanted to go for it, so I gave him a quick lesson on how to tickle the beast, held the bike on the stand for him, and on his fourth try (it took him a couple times to figure out the compression release) she came to life.

Hard to start? Not Mine..... wink2.gif

I agree, for all the complaining I read in the mags about starting these bikes, I have absolutely no problem with my 00 WR.Even when I dump the bike(Which happens ALOT) It will start after a couple kicks.If it doesn't, pull the hot start and you are all set.I did put the GYTR push style compression release lever on, which does help.My wife can even start the bike with no problems.This is my first 4 stroke bike, and I'm sure it wont be my last!

Agreed. Never been a problem (except that disaster I had when I first YZ timed it). Otherwise, first kick even after a dump. Hardly ever have to use the hot start.

I never understand why some people make a huge deal out of a electric start. That is just plain lazyness to me :) Electric start buttons are far my 62 year old father in law and even he won't use one. He says the day he can't kick a bike over is the day he gives up the sport. Just extra weight.


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :D)

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i think anyone who races is well justified in complaining-sorry!

your in the middle of a wood, there is nowhere to put your left foot, people are qeuing up behind questioning your parenthood & your right to continue living.

what are you doing? er um looking for tdc actually, hot start out, hot start back in. oh dear, it's stalled.

not only is kickstart neolithic, the WR will be the last (new)jap model where this is acceptable. from now on no leccy start will be a sin nisi.

why didn't we get even the auto decomp?

your young lad wants to be signed up by an american football team. he's got to have the right leg of a horse! the boys a star.


On Sunday, I finally washed my bike after riding at Stonyford at the end of July. Hadn't started it in a month, washed it, dried it and started it 1st kick. Hard to start? Not a chance. It does take a pretty good kick though w/12:1 compression. Of course, I did put on my riding boot - learned my lesson the hard way on my '88 XR600.

After watching Mike from Silicon Valley at Stonyford I can see the benefit of the e-button. Stalled out on a steep hill side is not the place you want to be when you start the bike on the kickstand when it's on flat ground.

See ya in Moab,


When recently started, mine's a breeze if I follow the ritual. When it sits for a week or more, it's almost impossible when following same ritual. Is it starving for fuel, or flooded? I can't figure which. Tried comp rel + open throttle, tried choke, tried hot start, tried both, tried tapping side of carb to unstick float fuel shutoff needle. Eventually starts and runs great all day. All jetting stock which seems ok for 2500 ft desert riding, airbox lid off/mod carb stop/baffle removed. Any suggestions?


Have you adjusted the fuel screw to richen the mixture? I couldn't even get mine to start after removing the air box lid until I backed out the fuel screw to 2.5 turns.


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