Riding in Denver Area

A friend of mine just got back into bikes and he is really stoked. But he lives in Denver now and doesn’t know any places to ride. He’s looking for good single track trails in the Forest and some good trails closer to the city as well. A decent motocross track might be fun for him too but I don’t think he’ll want to pay to ride one.

He just bought a brand new XR400 and, although rusty, he is a very capable rider with a good amount of natural ability.

I know, he rides red, but you can do this favor for me because my bike has SOME blue left on it :)

CoThumpin’ I know you’re out there. Anybody else in Colorado?

You bet we are.

Tell your buddy to check out Rampart Range. It will be just what he is looking for.

As for tracks, the two that are thumper friendly (although for an XR that is stretching it), tell him to look up Watkins and Berthod - Rabbit Valley.

He will want a map for Rampart, it is easy to get lost if you don't know your way.

We are actually going up there this Friday afternoon and would be happy to show him around if he can make it. Tell him email me at nortondw@hotmail.com if he want more info.


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

Thanks a lot Dougie, I forwarded your post to my friend.

He’s probably too shy to ride with someone he doesn’t know right now :D

…but you may be hearing from him once he blows all the rust off his riding skills. He’s one of those guys that pisses you off because he can master snow boarding, skiing, mountain biking etc. way faster than you think is possible. He was great on a bike fifteen years ago when we were kids so I’m sure he will become an awesome rider at some point, especially since he seems really exited about getting into it again. Like me, he has wanted another one ever since he got rid of his last one way back when.

I talked to him and the shop has given him a map of Rampart. He didn’t now where it is but he will figure it out, an aquantaince of his is taking him out this Sunday so he shouldn’t get lost.

Once he finds all the good trails I’d like to come up for a visit and a weekend of riding, but I don’t want to drive 700 miles (too bad airfare to Denver is such a joke). Do you know of any shops that rent out decent XRs, KDXs or whatever in Denver area? How much do they charge?

I haven’t done much riding outside my little area and I think it would be great to check out what should be a whole new style of riding compared to what I am used to. If I ever do make the trip I’ll definitely let you know. I might just have to bite the bullet and haul my bike up there, although the way my pickup sucks down the gas it may be more expensive than a plane ticket.

I have another question for you. My buddy was torn between waiting for the ’01 WR and buying a used XR. I told him to go ahead and buy the XR since he could always sell what is such a popular bike and buy a WR or new Honda four stroker (he is one of those Honda guys) later on. But he did neither, opting to finance an ’01 XR. I guess he just couldn’t wait. My question: I told him, never having ridden one :D that the XR would be a great bike for his area, never having ridden there! :) Make me feel better and tell me I gave him some good advice :D

Anybody elses opinion on this is also welcome, and solicited.

Thanks again!

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After he enjoys Rampart Range on a weekday (too dangerous on weekends), next he can venture out to my favorite close area: Woodland Park. Lots of fun 4wd roads and tons of single track and not as crowded as Rampart Range.

He is certainly welcome to give me a call. I work downtown from about 7:30 to 3:30. However I'll be out next week in Reno riding.

Have him e-mail me to get my phone number.

First though, I'd make him go with Doug. He'll have a blast at Rampart.

The XR400 is a great Colorado bike and many we ride with kick our blue butts on them in the woods. (don't tell anyone I said that)


Oh and if your friend wants kick ass scenery and wants to ride above tree line for hours, have him find Webster Pass/Red Cone/Radical Hill. It's only about a 1 hour drive from Denver.

And then there is Barbour Forks out of Idaho Springs for a quick ride with 75% 4wd roads and 25% single track.

Then there is all the stuff in South Park.

And Grand Lake.

And Grand Junction.

And Moab.

And Crested Butte.

And Steamboat.

And Taylor Park Resevouir.

etc. etc. etc.

Hey, thanks a bunch Bryan, I forwarded this post to my friend. He also lives/works in the central area, more or less.

Much appreciated info...

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