white bros/jetting

anyone in uk on here ?

do english wr have this same throttle stop issue ?

white bros latest can anyone ?

how many discs ?

jetting changes ?


I can't anwser any of your questions but can you anwser one of mine.

One of my riding buddies just moved from Michigan to the UK for a two year job assignment. He left his WR at his parents house because he thought there were no areas to ride off road bikes in the UK. Please tell me he made a big mistake leaving his bike in the US so I can rib him.

I'm not sure if the Australian version WR400 (M) is the same as the UK one but according to the Oz importer of WB products (who has his own Dyno to check it out) the setup for the 2000 model is:

stock pilot (42)

fuel screw 1 3/4 - 2

168 Main (stock is 165)

8 plates.

If you have a 1999 model it's:

48 pilot

1 3/4

172 main

5 plates.

PS: he tells me that he's seen plenty of posts saying the the airbox lid has to ome off - BUT he can't find any improvement in performance/power output on the dyno by doing so. (maybe the oz model is different)

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[yes off road big here lots tracks


i'm a bastard, well, well what i mean is i'm half welsh, half fen! i believe a little of the fen sticks into lincs. i'm from Ely.

Aah! lincs, that's real motobike country, the wolds, cadwell park. had some great days at cadwell.

they had an H & H at Louth a month ago. are you into enduro's or green laning.


there is tons of green lanes over here, we just don't have prairie's! & deserts. a good altitude is 2,000ft not 12,000!!!

riding in the UK i guess would seem like less when compared to the US but as they say-more than a mouth full is enough!

your mate has made a mistake if only socially. does he work near RAF Mildenhall as i am just 10 miles from there.


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