Valve Adjustment Question


According to the manual, it appears that replacement shims come only in .05 mm increments. If so, you cannot adjust the valves to a precise measurement you choose; e.g., If I measure the intake at .14 mm, the best I could do is to shim it at .19 mm, I can't adjust it to .17 mm.

I'm I correct?

The reason I ask is that there would be no point in adjusting the valve unless it was out at least .02 mm.

What do you think?



You got it correct the only ones you can buy come in 0.05mm increments. On new bikes delivered from the factory you may find some in between but you cannot buy them.


Thanks Clark. I appreciate your response. BTW, are you doing any more dual sport rides before years end?; e.g. St George, LA to Vegas, etc/

If your really worried about accuracy you can grid the pads and mic them to what you want. They are hard so its quite a job, but can be done. I did it because I was going on a ride the next weekend and it would take the dealer too long to get new ones in.


agree with npuza, if you want it that bad grind it yourself at an engineer's.

your talking 002" between each shim, that's fine.


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