St George Utah Ride / Questions


I'm planning to attend the September 30 and October 1 St George dual sport ride. Anybody done it before? I've been doing single track like Kennedy Meadows and I'm wondering how to gear for St George.

Maybe this is a good time for 15/50 gearing?

Conversion to YZ timing?

What do you think?


I rode this ride a couple years ago, it featured little to no single track at that time. The scenery was awesome but the riding wasn't challenging at all. In fact if it hadn't have rained most of the weekend the riding would have gotten down right boring.

I rode it last year when it was out of Mesquite, NV.

Day one was approx 185 miles, virtually no single track all two-track but scenery was spectacular. Went to the Grand Canyon overlook!

Day two was in the mountains of Southern Utah, approx 160 miles! Very pretty but nothing challenging. Just two very long days of trail riding!

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