WR OK at HWY Speeds?

I am considering a WR450 with the street legal kit. How is it for riding distances on the HWY? I know it would vibrate with knobbies but with dual purpose tires is there much vibration? If you had to ride a far distance such as 70 miles to get to some good trails, are you going to be sore?



The only thing I would be worried about is fuel range mate! My bike only gets 70 miles out of my stock tank!

I don't find the vibes bad at all, just adds to the riding experience.

You just get a fair bit of tire wear from riding on the road, so I would use a long lasting tire like a maxxis IT or dunlop D952. From reading the threads, most of us here are using these tires and getting great tire life. I have tried a dunlop D606 before, but I found I get the same life out of the D952, with 10x better grip.

If you doing lots of road riding, a 15/50 gear combo seems to work good, there is a current thread about a 15/48 gear combo for highway work.

I agree with MUTU. The WR is not a great highway bike, period.

Changing the gearing and tires will help.

Then you have to deal with the TPS.

Get a GUTS soft seat, your ass will thank you.

Thanks guys for the replies! The one I am looking at has SCORPION PIRELLI TIRES-80ROAD/20DIRT tires and the 15/48 gear combination. I think it will be good for short road trips to some trails.

Jams229, what do you mean when you say deal with the TPS?

Jams229, what do you mean when you say deal with the TPS?

You may get some throttle surge when cruising at constant speed. Some people disconnect TPS to combat this.

I don't notice it to be honest :thumbsup: and it wouldn't worry me anyway. :thumbsup:

A soft seat is a great idea

since you will be on it for at least 140 miles

I just stuck a 16 counter shaft on my bike for the road. its 16 /50 right now. I can see it being tall offroad. Im going to drop it, I just wanted to see how it was on the road. I like it alot

My stuttering (the motor not my speech) went away when I got the jetting right.My TPS is still connected.Fuel will be an issue but I dont see any bike getting 300 miles on a tank.I havent installed it yet, but I got a clutch basket from a 450 quad. They have springs mounted on the primary gear to absorb shock, I wanted to do this instead of buying a cush hub for the rear. I hope the install goes well. I have a temp gauge on my speedo. The bike runs a little cool at speed.I block off one radiator to keep the temp up and it still runs cool.Its not a road bike. I bough my WR to ride. And Im going to ride the poop out of it.I would at some point like to get a set of 17s. Im sure it would smooth things out on the road alot. I ride mine in the dirt, but like to ride it on the road cause I can have alot of fun under 65 mile per hour. My CB1000 isnt even breathing under the speed limit. Im curious how long my motor will hold up with the road riding. I guess Ill find out.

Has anyone tried an oversize gas tank on the WR450 to get more range?



Jay, I just put the IMS 3.1 gallon tank on my '07 WR450.

Unfortunately, you have to buy YZ shrouds for this tank.

But the stock tank was not cutting it.

Oh yeh, the stock petcock has to be turned around as well...

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