Any Issues to look for on a used 2004 WR450?

I am considering buying a used bike, Any Issues to look for on a used 2004 WR450?

Not really. They are one of the best model WR's.

They got 2.6 gal fuel tank and 12.5:1 compression.

They went to 2.1 gal fuel tank and 12.3:1 compression in '05.

The only thing is green sticker for you guy's?

Just a couple of things I would look close at.

1. How does it shift? Will it shift easily between 1st and 2nd sitting still with the clutch pulled in? look for clutch hub grooving.

2. General shifting smoothness. The Shifting forks in the trans. sometimes wear prematurely and can cause gear failure. Pay attention and FEEL the shifting up and down the gears.

3. Plan on replacing wheel and head set bearings soon on a 04' bike. Listen to the rear suspension linkage for any sounds of wear, look for oil leakage or abrasion on the shock shaft.

I think the 04s had the crappy rubber yamaha decompression plugs. You'd have to upgrade to the TT aluminum plug or equivilent. The 05 head was a different casting and didn't have the hole.

the last of the great WR's.

i just love saying that:p :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Just general used bike buying tips. Look/touch/smell all fluids(except brake), check that all bolts are tight and actually there, check the airfilter and box(dirty box and filter means lazy owner), check the front shocks for leakage, lower frame rails for damage, subframe for chain damage, loose/damaged spokes, I can go on and on.

the last of the great WR's.


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