looking for some new riding in western pa...

My freinds and I our looking for some new trails, We live about 60 miles n east of pittsburg pa...the tighter the better and we have a pretty cool trail near us if anyone is looking for new place to ride.. Be glad to show anyone...


I don't live there any more, now in Az, BUT I used to ride up above Latrobe/Rector, Westmoreland or Somerset County I believe, miles and miles of stuff 15-20 miles on the other side of Seven Springs and Hidden Valley. Try Ohio Powe (spelling?) too. Go to Gatto Bike shop in Lowerburrel? (I could be wrong about the town) They have to know of some stuff. about 30-40 minutes from Pitt.

Also call Z&M cycle in Latobe or Greensburg, on route 30. They are kind of in the middle of both towns don't know what town they are listed under.

I hope this helps,just go to the shops and start asking that's what I'm doing out here.

We have every thing out here open desert,technical rock crawling, tight woods. You should get the hell out of Pa...Oh yeah it's 70 degrees in January...

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