Uncorked And She Started Right Up

Well, Thanks to the help here and BRP, got the 2007 uncorked with the air box mod along with cutting out the intake restriction. The carb now has 68S pilot and a 175 main, plus the recommended needle jet in the 4th clip. Also has the Uni filter. I did the choke plate mod too. The exhaust got the 2" hole saw treatment. She started right up and seemed to run well. The idle was a little high so I adjusted it to a good idle. It is 10 p.m. and raining so no test ride. Maybe tomorrow.

I still have the Protaper bars and the Scotts top triple clamp and stablizer mount to do along with a Sidewinder set of sprockets and chain, plus a full ProCircuit exhaust to do.

She will get a Factory Connection respring for 220 lbs and the revalve front and back. Thanks for the help.

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