YZ ignition box?

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i stand corrected on those tolerances. we are agreed that each ignition has it's benefits (wr best at bottom & yz at top). so the vortex covers it all hey!!!!

plug! plug! plug! (you've more teeth with that salesmans smile than james coburn!)

clark used to have a steady throttle stutter which was, in his case, not cured i believe. the ignition was modified to 'ISDE'. also why have two curves when one is never used.

how much!!!

yes... we are agreed!

I can't quite get my head around the teeth thing.. (I thikn its the brown liquids fault! :) )

I think you'd use both curves when you get used ot having the switch there.. 1 for wood and another for WFO stuff.

I'd have to check.. but for the Vortex Dual Curve prob about $280-$300+freight..

The Vortex distributer in the US is charging around $365+p&p.

I'd do them for the best price I can/around! :D:D



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I have the standard performance and the torque curves in my VORTEX and it works great. I was able to jet out the majority of the slight "hitch" which occasionally happens when crusing at 1/8 thorttle in top gear on the street. I never notice it in the dirt as too much other stuff is going on. I did at one time try the ISDE curve but went back to the torque curve. You can use both curves effectivly.


there ya go!


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