Does anyone know anything about the 660 Raptor?

I think the new 660R Raptor is cool! But should I wait until it is out for a few years to get one so they can get all the bugs out or do you think there will be any bugs to get out?


I would, just look at what they have done with the WR/YZ 400/426

It is wicked evil machine though!!!

It is getting good reviews

Regarding the motor it has been around a long time ..... Yamaha made it in about 1990 as the XTZ660 (5 valve watercooled) for Europe only at the time.... It came to the US in the MZ line of bikes....go here to see them..... ..... which have been selling here for about 7 years (I think) they make street, tour, D-S, Motard, all with the same 50HP Yamaha motor with a good reliability record....... It is also one of the most popular bikes for the world Super-Mono roadracing series, with those crazies pumping them up to 88HP (big $$$)... I think the lower end is probably the same as the Grizzly (a guess)

I read that the motor used is based on an engine they already make, so that is a good sign that the motor should be reliable.

I haven’t seen one but they are supposed to rip. Probably faster and lighter than that yellow whale and may even handle better than TRX. I suppose you could wait a year to see if Honda updates TRX, but I don’t see any reason not to get the Raptor.

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