2000 wr timing/throttle

1 does the 2000 uk model have throttle stop ?

2 yz timing,you simply turn the ex cam clockwise 1 tooth ,yes ?

3 white bros can ,how many plates is everyone using (road legal-ish )??

4 mine has 165 main jet as delivered which seems much smaller than you are all using

is this cos its 2000 and uk ??

thanks in advance

my 99 has a DXM needle . what have you got? the 99 came with a 168. i would think a 172 would suit your pipe. needle up one clip.

if you turn the cam clockwise one tooth as seen from the left you'll be ok. count the pins. when you start there will be 13 between the marks & when you finish there will be 12. zip tie the inlet to the sprocket so you know it hasn't moved. (courtesy clark, all rights reserved, pat. pending!)

there is no throttle stop on the UK models.


[This message has been edited by Taffy (edited 09-18-2000).]

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