Digital meter - secrets

I found from hearsay some secrets about the new digital meter for 06/07 WR-models.

If you cut the gray lead wire under the lubber boot you should get some more functions into your digital meter - depending on which model (USA/Europe/Australia).

European models will get the AVS-function, i.e. average speed incl reset of tha and some function called "Wheel diameter setting" (USA has those already). Others including European will get a function called "OnRidingOperation" in BASIC and RACE mode. But - I have not been able to figure out what that function is and how to invoke that...

Somebody who knows more?


This is true. It is in the deresticting memo on Aust models Grey wire. Instructions on use are in the manual that came with the bike:thumbsup:

Can someone please list the extra features and how to access them. I bought my bike in Canada though I'm sure it's the same as the US model.


Maybe OnRidingOperation would make it operate like the KTM enduro computers in that they turn on when the wheel turns as opposed to coming on with the power switch..?

Has anyone got any btter instructions than this, of the hidden AVS function

Mine activated on its own, and afterwards I couldn't get it to do it again

A search on here, revealed this (one and only) thread about the hidden Average Speed Option, and it is indeed the grey wire on the display connector under the rubber boot, that controls this function

I got the grey wire connector out of the connector block, and the AVS function is now active, but the only problem is I can't get it back into the 'normal' current speed mode, with the grey wire disconnected

Can anyone from Aus, post up a picture from the manual showing the combination of buttons that need to be pressed, to be able to switch between average speed mode, and current speed mode, as I'd like to keep this option on mine, but I can't at present as I need the current speed mode more than the average speed mode

it would seem its not possible

found a pdf of the section of Yamaha manual for bikes with this feature enabled, and its says average speed only when in race mode

it also explains how to alter the wheel diameter setting function, which is handy

dont mean to hijack, but are the hour meters resetable?? lookin into gettin a wr, be nice to know the hours are the truth ..

dont mean to hijack, but are the hour meters resetable?? lookin into gettin a wr, be nice to know the hours are the truth ..

My '07 doesn't have an hour meter. It's just a speedo and an ODO. And they are both resettable. Don't know if they have changed for '13 though.

No hour meter as std, just a manual or auto start timer for use in races, to see how long is left/how long you've been riding for

No hour meter in the 'hidden' features either

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