1999 WR400 problem...:(

Hi guys im not sure where to start, i took my Wr400 last weekend offroad. After coming across a very deep creek i decided to cross, the bike made it through fine but not the second creek it stalled as i was driving out. Ive taken the air filter out it was wet through cleaned and dried, purchased a new sparkplug the bore has a white creamy substance in it. Ive checked for spark and there is spark there, is this just because everything got wet or im i looking at a more serious problem. The bike still wont start, any help would be good..:thumbsup:

takes me back to... last weekend when i put my 99 400 into a deep puddle to, that resulted in this


my oil was grey, filter totally gunked up, but all is well again.

a couple of questions

has the bike back fired at all, if it has, what sort of noise? a loud crack bang like a shot gun? or a muffled fart sound?

if neither go back to basics..

have you drained the carb?

you say you got a new plug, is it an iridium one? dont waste money on any other sort of plug, i went through 4 standard plugs in less than 2000k's and now haventchanged the iridium one in over 4000

back to not starting...

make sure there is no moisture down the plug well

after all of this im out of help, and all of it came from here anyway, years ago...

good luck

Hi mate thanks for the quick reply, i haven't drained the carb yet, ill give it a go and let you know. The bike isnt actually firing at all there is spark there but no sign of any firing and no backfire. There is plenty of compression still there so i dont think its a seizure problem. Ill get back on the carb thing...:thumbsup:

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