650L rear lowering link ?

I'm curious as to how these links lower a bike 1&1/2 -2" without losing suspension travel ? If that is so, sort of makes me wonder why Honda doesn't do it so the L fits more customers ?

Right here in link (from this co. anyway) it states that you don't lose any travel.

" Lower Your Dual Sport

To drop the ride height without losing any travel. "

Can you lower the front a full 1&1/2 inches also ? Will tire hit? I know the method for checking but surely someone on here must know already ?


:thumbsup: What's this below all about, anyone run into this?

Also look out for the "Brittle" type of aircraft aluminum, we know of two riders who have already paid a very high price for using links made from it. We won't mention the type here as they "proudly" list the type apparently unknowingly of what they are doing.

I have the Performance Design lowering link on my XRL. It helps with my 32 inch inseam.

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