Where to buy jets?

After spending an entire day reading all the jetting info here I decided on starting with a 45 PJ ,DRS #4pos,170MJ

2000 WR ,UNI filter ,Stock exhaust, Baffle out airbox open,WR timing, 0-1200 elevation, central PA.

OK the question is where are you getting these needles with the funky letters? My Dealers around here never heard of them. Can I get them from Thumper racing or Baja Design? The stock jetting isn't to far off.

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The needles and other jets are available from Sudco - 1-800-998-3529 or Carb Parts Warehouse at www.carbparts.com

Great I wish I new about this place years ago. Thanks! I hope this is a one shot deal until I get an exhaust.

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