Learning to ride on a WR450?

My first motorcycle ride ever was two months ago on the 2003 WR450 I bought. It has all the free mods and an GYTR carbon fiber pipe.

HOLY S this thing scared me at first. It's still way too much for me on tight trails but I LOVE it everywhere else.

I was (and still am) a total rookie but the 450 in open areas is great for me. I really need a 250 for trails though.

The 450 takes WAY less effort to ride than the 250

The 450 takes WAY less effort to ride than the 250

I think that depends on the terrain. :ride:

Buy both :banana:

They're both brilliant bikes, use the 250, (or even a 230), for Sunday afternoon trails and a WF450 for everything else :D

Another vote for the 450! My son has a slightly modded YZ250F and we switched for a bit yesterday. It didn't have nearly enough power for me. With the 450, you can lug it and it'll pull right out of it. The 250 needs to be kept revving it seemed like. I weigh 175-180. I'm now feeling the need for more power out of my bike. Get the 450 and you'll never look back.:thumbsup:

I envy your dealer pricing also!!! I just bought an 07 wr 450 as my first dirtbike and it is treating me great. Its a lot of bike to get used to, but once you learn how to use the power on tap, its a fun bike to ride. Im glad i didn't get a 250.

most of the threads on here are right on, ride it a few times corked up, then open her up and start having fun.

Thanks for the responses guys. I dont have any more doubts as to which bike to get. Hopefully I'll be picking up the 450 soon!

Thanks for the responses guys. I dont have any more doubts as to which bike to get. Hopefully I'll be picking up the 450 soon!

5'6 140

i'm faster on the 450 than my fat buddies, until I put my feet down

I would have to agree with everybody else. The 450 is a great bike, very strong. I would wait to do your mods such as the gray wire, throttle stop and stuff like that untill you learn good throttle control. I have an 2007 WR450 and I love it. When uncorked the bike is a beast. Good luck and be safe.

maurice is right on, im 45 and just bought an 08 450 the last time i rode was in 87,and it was a1985 honda three wheeler, im 5'8 190.get the 450

Hey guys I have a 07 wr450 w'free mods and dealer rejet carb.I have a fmf power bomb header,and 08 yz muffler.Anybody have pilot jet,main jet spe.Bike is ridden in Baja mexico sea leavel THANKS

At 38 I bought my first bike and took my first ride ever. The bike is an uncorked XR650R. (I know it's a Yamaha post, just sharing). Am I careful? You bet I am... even at my fat butt 270lbs. AND we just bought a YZ450F to replace my son's CRF230F. Funny, he seems faster now...:thumbsup:

A WR may be in my future, I do like the way the YZ is put together.

Carefully go for displacement..life is short..

450 is the way to go.

As far as the power goes, the 450 feels like a 250 when you get it stock, without the free mods done to it. I must admit, I was NOT to impressed with the bike when I first got it, because I didnt know about these free mods. They really make that big of a difference. And as far as out growing, well, thats why I went with the 450, You dont have to worry about that. Im 5"10 190 lbs. And I personally think it fits me like a glove. It may seem a little heavy if your not into shape, but, again like i said, i think it fits like a glove. You Definatly!! should go with the 450. Its Faster *if you like that sorta thing*, its an overall fantastic bike. It really is. I love mine.

I'm 170 pounds, in my 40's and ride tight technical stuff.

I'm allot faster on a wr250 and it dosen't tire me out as much as the wr450.

Although if I only rode out in the desert, a well breathing 450 would be my bike of choice

Made the switch back to a 2 stroke for the lighter feel.

For those of you who need a big bike to think your going fast.

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