Hi i am hoping to pick up my WR within the next month or two,,can someone please tell me what a good sprocket size is for general riding on road ,and what a reasonable tyre is for on and off,,thanks ,,,,adam

I run 15/46 gearing. Works very well for me, give about 100mph top speed.

Australian WR400F comes out with 15/50 which

gave me a top speed of 140km per hour and still plenty of bottom end for off road riding. The best tyres I have found are PIRELLI MT21 which are 80% hard packed and 20% on road but if anyone knows of any tyres better than these for hard packed surfaces please let me know.

The stock WR gearing on my `98 of is good for 90.3 MPH when the rev limiter kicks in. In really tight technical stuff the stock gearing is the lower limit of acceptable. Some clutch abuse may be necessary. For typical dual sport use the stock gearing is OK.

For Rear tires I have been using the Dunlop D606 for a while now. I like the Dunlop better than the MT21 and they last longer than most other tires. I just finished 8 days in Colorado covered over 800 miles and the tire still has some life left.

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