Ironman Rear Sprocket on 650R

So I wonder if any of you have ever heard of this...

Some guy was telling me at Cahuilla that XR650R's break Ironman rear sprockets. I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of this before? I've always thought that Ironmans were one of the strongest sprockets out there and it would be as bummer if I was going 80 m.p.h in the dez and the sprocket shatters.

Anyone have any input on this one?:thumbsup:

never seen or know of that happening. I have seen hubs break where the sprocket attaches to the hub and in turn the sproket bends but not the other way around.

I have one and have never had any problems. :thumbsup:

I have 47T, 48T and 49T Ironman sprockets. I have used them all on my 680cc gut wrenching XR. I have had it over 118 in the dirt for a long time on Zoo road in Mexico and have had a street tire on the back doing wheelies on the street. If one broke it much have had a flaw in it.

When I bought mine off the original owner I discovered that he had put an aluminum sprocket on the rear. It wasn't on there for more than a day or two befor I replaced it. It was brand new as was the chain and front sprocket. Not sure how long that would have lasted on there had I left it.

I was going to post a similar question about Ironman sprockets over on KTMtalk. I always did question if there was enough structural material to prevent the sprocket from bending under a heavy load.

So last weekend, I was running one on my KTM 453 and all of a sudden I hear clanking and grinding coming from the back. When I pulled over I saw the sprocket all bent up and the hub was in pieces. On the KTMs, if you don’t pay attention to your chain adjustment or check your bolts to make sure they are tight the hubs can let go. I diligently check both before riding, and in between motos. I am not 100% sure the sprocket gave way, but I also cant prove the bolts were tight at the moment the damage occurred. In any case, replacing the hub will cost me $200-$300 so I see no reason to take that risk again when I never had problems with previous sprockets.

I have one and have never had any problems. :thumbsup:

thats cuz you've never ridden it off road other than fire roads!!!!

LOL just had to get some shots in brother :-)

thats cuz you've never ridden it off road other than fire roads!!!!

LOL just had to get some shots in brother :-)

Thats not totally true, I rode once at Gorman when I first picked it up. I was going mad slow though cause I didn't want to dump and break one of my turn signals :-) LOL

I bought one right when they came out (02). They used to look like this. Iron man recalled mine and sent me what you guys have now, where the 3 "spokes" are bridged out farther to almost touch one another.



Weird, shows that I loaded a picture yet does not show up. OH well, maybe later on today it will come on by itself.

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