Ty Davis Tank Info

I just purchased the TY Davis tank for my 2000 WR and unfortunately I had to send it back.

First, the tank looks great. It is very slim and well made. Clark's instructions were helpful because the tank itself came with no instructions- just the info on the IMS tank which is that applicable.

But I did find some issues:

1. The screw holes to mount the radiator shrouds did not match up. I tried re-adjusting, bending, cussing, and still could not get the shrouds to match up with the holes on the tank. I did not want to drill holes in my shrouds. I probably just had a defective tank.

2. The tank comes down so low that on my bike you can't see the carb so you can't get to the hot start button or the choke. This also means you would need to remove the tank to change a main jet. The dealer said they assumed most people have a modified hot start. But this would have been good information to know prior to buying the tank. I haven't modified my hot start and didn't want to right now. Also, I thought getting to the choke might be handy. I went back and looked at the pictures of Clark's tank and I can see a red button that looks like a hot start. Maybe the 1999's are different or maybe he has modified his.

3- You do have to drill 2 holes in the bottom of the tank for the tube that runs from the bottom of one side of the tank to the other. The connecting tube comes very close to the pipe. This could probably be modified by shortening the connecting tube.

4- The tank only has one mount to the frame (aka IMS). However, once I got the tank and seat on it was very tight and I wouldn't give this aspect a 2nd thought. It was fine.

In the end, good slim tank and I probably just got a bad one regarding the radiator shrouds. But lack of carb access was a problem for me.

The good news is that Montclair Yamaha said send it back, they have a line of people wanting the tank.

Best regards,




2000 WR

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Which holes are you refering to that did not line up?? With the Ty tank just like the IMS tank if you run aftermarket wrap around radiator guards (ie Devol, etc) you need to trim slighly the ridge on the inside of each radiator shroud that rides up against the radiator in the stock installation.

The choke is harder to get to but you can reach up and get it under the left side of the tank. I never use my choke unless its below 35 deg F or so. I just use four wacks on the throttle to prime things and start it.

On the hot start button the 98 and 99's have the button frame mounted so its easy to access. On the 00 and later bikes you are correct if you are in a hurry it would be hard to activate. Ty's remote HS kit will work with the new carburetor so you could have a handle bar mounted HS button if wanted.

I forgot about the location the HS button being on the CARBY on the later models.

I now have about 800 miles with this tank and feel its is one of the best performance mods to improve handling and make the bike feel lighter, more nimble and still get a 100 miles out of a tank.

My thoughts


Clark- I have the stock shrouds so I think it was just that specific tank.

I woke up about 2:00 am this morning thinking about the tank. I know- weird.

But You're right it really is a nice tank and who needs a choke. Anyway, I called Dusty at Montclair first thing this morning and he said he will send me another tank and I bought the handlebar mounted hot start. What the heck, its just money. But I've spent so much recently that I hope I have some left for Moab.

Anyway, will try again and let you know the results.


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