'02 WR426 w/ Turbocharger?

Any of you guys have this too?

Can anyone enlighten me as to the Turbo charger sound this new 2002 426f has?

I hear this hint of what sounds like a turbo winding up that coinsides with throttle input. It's usually during mild accel and decel. Bike runs fine and is [/i]barely broke in, (30 miles)?????????whatever????????????

Yes , Me and my fellow wr riders call it the tweety bird. :)

Dave, That sound would be the TURBO CHARGER . Yamaha had the option of turbo's in 2002. I gealous of you!!!! :)

YOu guys have missed out on the WR limited Edition 'Outback Model' - only available in Australia. It has:

Factory big bore kit - 480cc - incredible torque

Fuel Injection - 300+ kms from one tank

Watercooled Turbocharger - for high speed desert runs at 250km/h

AM/FM/UHF/GPS 10CD stacker Satellite navigation unit - to keep you on track and entertained

Airconditioning - to keep you cool

Self inflating tyres - just like a Hummer

Four cupholders - count them - yes, four!

2 x 150 watt driving lights - for night time fun (or frying your bacon and eggs with)

I can't wait to see what they come out with to beat that in 2003 :)


Yamaha has to stay on top one way or another :)

I just never heard this "whine" with my WR400 I traded in so I was a little concerned.

I guess I'll have to carry along some 'cheeze' when I ride. :)

Is this the new model with Auto pilot, and air bags??

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