Pipe Suggestions

Just bought a new 00, WR. After the much needed removal of that stupid throttle stop, I'm ready to let the beast breath. What is the experince of this wise group of thumper experts, as far as the right pipe to fit. One source tells me to just remove the baffle and replace it with a Vortec tip? Seems liem your just trading one baffle for another. Whaaat's up? :)

Welcome to the group! Pipe choice has been discussed several times....you may want to search the archives. But unless the bike is not fast enough or has the power in the wrong rev range for your riding style. You may want to consider changing the seat and tank to the "YZ" style, whether it be stock or aftermarket. The change in handling is incredible....the bike actually turns. It seems the second favorite hop-up is a steering dampner. I've got one coming.

Did you remove the airbox lid and change the air filter....might want to do that also.


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