Top End Time?

Anyone done their top end on their 400 yet? I'm just wondering if it is wise to start thinking about it at 3000 miles which is my next ride. If not, what are the signs that may point to needing this done?

On another subject, on my last ride I noticed a new sound that was new to me. I'll try to explain it the best I can. Whenever I was slipping my clutch, I would here a sort of high pitched "air suck" sound from the engine. It would go away when the clutch was pulled all the way in or released. I'm not sure if "air suck" is the correct way to put that. I'm wondering if I am starting to lose my clutch. Any Ideas?


When I put my 420 kit in my 99 WR 400 it had approx 4000 miles on it and the top end looked terrific! I basically took appart a perfectly good top end and built it up. Bike still runs strong after the 420 but does not rev out as far, it has improved low end and mid range which is excellent for and old Far#. I.m running the 13.5 to 1 weisco piston and so far approx 1000 miles so good.


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