first ride on a exc520.................

I hate to say it but I think this spring I'm going orange....My wr is a nice bike, but the ktm is much lighter, the weight is low you don"t notice it at all, it has electric start, lots of power It dosen"t hit as hard but this is good in tight woods. blue is nice but I got to try orange.. not getting any younger see if I can do better in the HS next year...

Busch, Are you trying to make friends?

This isnt the way to do it. :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Dude, hwo can you say the WR is old technology? How soon you forget how far Blue has brought thumpers! Yes, the KTM has moved forward however; Blue is still an extremely competitve bike. Hey, someone forgot to tell Scott Summers his XR 600 is "old technology"! :)


You obviously never used to ride thumpers back when thumpers werent cool. Yamaha TT500's and TT600' thats old technology. The blue scoots are light years ahead of the not too long ago thumpers I used to ride.

Heck, it wasnt that long ago the DR 350 was considered trick!!

DR350's were considered trick?!

No one tole me. I would have asked for more money when I sold it :D


Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

I just bought a 01 400 EXC and it was worth every penny!! I hate to admit it but I really didnt like my WR to begin with. I just hated trying to start it after a fall or the wide gas tank. I just entered my first harescramble on Sunday with the next ride and took a first in my class that I can guarantee came from the better cornering and the e-start that got me going in a hurry after a crash and got me the holeshot with the easy starting. I just dreaded dead engine starts with my WR, sometimes it would go on the first kick, sometimes 10! I'll never have to worry about that again! I have no regrets about spending the extra dough on the KTM.

Can someone say fair weather friends :D The day I can hold O'l Blue wide open through the trees is the day I look for more scoot :) As far as dead engine starts go you win some ya lose some but the nice thing about a two hour hare scrambles is, it isn't won in the start ( usually) I feel better now that's off my chest!!!

After TWO hours on your WR I'll guarantee you're one TIRED rider. Meanwhile us KTM'rs

are still riding like Energizer bunnies!!!

You're ready to have someone take you home on a stretcher and we're still ready for more riding!! I have to agree 100% with Geoff on this one. I know, my WR still sits in the garage collecting dust while I'm having too much fun on my 400sx!!!


Hey Erik... didn't you say that your fastest laps of the day were on my wr and not your ktm when we went riding?



The proceeding nonsense brought to you by MotoGreg

On two wheels (or 3) since 1970

'92 GSXR 7/11 (Until I get a shwangy 916)

'99 WR/YZ400F 'Cause thumpers rule and two strokes drool!

Visit my photo album for the bargain price of $75 - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK - EVIL LURKS WITHIN!

Racing (hare scrambles) starts up again on October 1st at Metcalf motorcycle Park in San Jose,I'll be in Vet B bring your orange crate and lets get it on :D:):D :D :D I finished 3rd Vet C for the spring B/C series. see you there.


KTM RFS bikes are just borrowed Husaberg technology! Anything about the KTM RFS motor that has “newer” technology than the YZF/WR was developed and created by Husaberg, except the carb, which they borrowed from yet another bike. Can’t remember which one though…

…it’ll come to me in a minute… :)

I will grant you that the KTM PDS (or whatever it is called) is probably ahead of its time and well ahead of Yamaha. (But isn’t that Ohlins’ invention?)

Having said that I’ll point out that all the technology in the world ain’t worth a crap unless it is properly applied. If you want a high-tech bike buy a Cannondale…

[This message has been edited by Hick (edited 09-18-2000).]

AaaHaHaHa!!.... Laptimes tell all !!..... I've got nothing at all against any bike... But why do some children like to start "My bikes better than yours!" fights in the sandbox?.... And if it isn't that bike this year, the same children will be saying the same thing about another bike next year.... I guess a NASCAR grandstand is full of "Ford's are better than Chevy!" stuff.... Maybe a thousand years ago it was "my new birchbark canoe is way better than that old heavy POS dugout canoe...loser!"

DeBarker, I see your point the bottom line is four strokes truck no matter what the color of the plastic , nuf said.

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