WR vs. Gas Gas?

I've been riding a 92 WR500 for a while now. Brand new the bike was terrible but I went through the engine and suspension and now it is a nice little tractor on the hills here in Colorado. I was happy with it until I rode a 98 Gas Gas EC 250. In the 30 minutes I was on that bike I've had more fun than all the years on my 500 combined. It turned me into a maniac instead of someone who just putts along the trail on a tractor. I decided I want one. BUT I've always loved 4 strokes. The thought of a 2 stroke like 4 stroke really appeals to me. I've never ridden the WR 400 so I wonder how it would compare to a Gas Gas 250. Any comments??

First of all, I will never be a fan of a 2 smoker unless I'm racing MX. And comparing a 92 WR500 to a 98 anything is probably bad. With how dramaticly 4 strokes have changed in just the last 3 years it's definately not a fair comparison.

The newer WR is lighter, faster, quicker reving and an all around better bike than the 92. It's hard to ride a big heavy four stroke fast. The big bikes usually have scary power and weight to match. A bad combination!

Newer 4 strokes offer more 2 stroke like power delivery but more torque than a 2 and much lighter weight than even 4 years ago.

The WR400 isn't for everyone. Still scary power for some and a little tall for others.

You may actually like the WR250 (when available) more than the 400 because it's lighter and the power is easier to control.

The Gas Gas won't be an obvious winner over the new WR.

Hey, thanks James D!

That's good feedback. I'm 6'5" so I've never experienced a too tall bike and as far as power, I've ridden some soupped-up open class 2 strokes. The power can be shocking in the begining but I get used to it very quick and then they don't seem like a whole lot of fun like the gas gas was. It seemed very flickable.

I am wondering what the actual wet wieght is of the 400. I know the 500 is a dog compared to the 400, might as well compare the 400 to a Honda CT 70. The wet weight of my 500 is 270lbs. Which is much less than the 1980's 4 strokes I'm used to.

I kind of like the power hit on the Gas Gas 250 and am wondering if the WR400 would have something similar or even more potent. I've been told the Gas Gas makes 50hp. I don't know if I should believe that. And I was also told that the wet weight of the EC 250 is around 230lbs. Does that seem right?

I like the engine braking ability of 4 strokes but I am wondering if that goes away when it accelerates like a 2 stroke like the 400 is supposed to.

I'd be open to a new WR250 but I think I could pick up a used 400 for less.

Anyway thanks again for the feedback JamesD!


I'm 5'8" and 155lbs my WR400 is just a touch tall for me ,but, I can flick it around pretty damn good...the bike can be scary fast...but that is determend by how much YOU twist the thottle! I ride in Az where it is EXTREMELY rocky I can putt it around the real technical with no problem or screem it down a fire road...I am quite happy I bought it. I think the dry weight is 235lbs.? full with gas,oil, & coolant 260-70lbs? My friend has a RM 250 which is lighter but the power seems to come up real quick in it, the WR is a bit smoother and last longer (the wide ratio gear box helps too) You shuold have no problem being 6'5" with this bike. It all depends on you r abilties too. :) Happy trails

Where are you located?

Originally posted by ncle Richard:

Where are you located?

Is that question for me or dazed?

if it is me here ya go :Tucson, You can e-mail me at rada_28@yahoo.com

Dazed, given your size the 400 would be just fine. Don't knock a 250 though... Scott Summers got injured and started racing a souped up Honda 250 instead of the XR650 and now he doesn't want to go back!

As for weight, the 400 is lighter than your bike but not by a huge amount. However, it will feel way lighter because the bike is much better handling.

Accelleration exceeds the grip of the tires as it is. Any quicker and you would have nubs for nobbies after every ride. If the bike is to accellerate much quicker it will have to come through weight reduction. YZ has a ligher flywheel and is more 2 stroke like than the WR which isn't a good thing for the trail if you ask me.

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