hyd clutch

anyone used a hyd clutch any good,

where can i get one in oz.

here in the uk i use a magura & highly recommend it. because the clutch is so light you find yourself slipping & feeding the clutch/throttle with great delicacy where you would normally probably try & go without.

not top of the pile of must haves but worth it if you've got the important stuff for your handling done.


Hi !

Can you tell what was the price of the Magura in the UK ?

Is it bike specific ?



Husaberg FE501 1996


i paid £80 which is abouy $120-$125 dollars. that was a special deal. i was quoted by several shops £125. feed in venhill & they have a web site somewhere.

i didnn't mention that it's well made & weighs nothing. it looks identical to the one on the KTM 250 EXC.


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I have had one for about a year now. works great. Mine is imported from Spain. Same as used on the Gas Gas trials bikes. My mate is the importer of Gas Gas to Australia. was $290-00 aus. but now with the dollar it would be more.Regrds AMTRA.

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