L, rear sproket questions

I am running 15/45 on my L currently for commuting and road riding, etc... I also have the 48 when I do trail riding, and am able to swap them easily without major work.

I notice that with 15/45 my bike feels buzzy around 70mph. Is this normal? And if I wanted to go to 15/42 would I need to take a link out of the chain...pain in the ass!:thumbsup:


Yes the buzzing is normal and I would think you would have to shorten the chain. Its also easier to change the front counter sprocket then iy is to do the rear.

I run 14/45for fire roads/comute & 14/48 for single track. stock chain works for both setups

i agree if your gonna go 3 down on the rear try +1 on the front first and see how u like it cheaper and dont need to change chain most likely

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