Save HUGE $ on OEM parts

Someone posted this site before but I just had to bring it up again. If you are into saving $, you have to check out They have the entire WR400 on microfiche and you can order right from the part #.

You can save big bucks on stuff you have to buy that is OEM. Check out these differences:

Mudflap for $16.31 (my dealer's price, $26:51)

Heat Insulator for side panel that goes against the muffler, $13.88 (my dealer's price, $27.14)

Fork Guard Guide for $7.17 (my dealer's price, $13.88)

Cable Guide for $7.12 (my dealers's price, $13.56)

The OEM plastic is still a little high, even with a huge discount, so I would still use aftermarket for that. But for things like above that you probably won't find in aftermarket parts, it is a blessing.

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Dude!! Can you imagine what they pay their web page designer/maintainer!!

That is incredible how much stuff they have listed on there.

I like just browsing through there and seeing what it would cost for some of the potential parts I may break some day...yikes!!! As a multiple Yamaha owner, that web site will come in very handy for me (and my boys).

Thanks for pointing it out.

For those that are skeptical about ordering from hlsm, I have done it and was very happy when my parts were on my porch when I arrived home from a hard days work. Saved money and did not have to deal with the knucklehead at my local dealer.

Two thumbs up!

I have also had excellent luck ordering from them. I wouldn't hesitate to order again. Now if they'll just get the 2000 TTR125L fiche up I'll be a happy guy :)

Hey Rich, how ya doin?

Didnt realize you were still lurking around here at Thumpertalk :)

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I love the HLSM site too. But on the few PNs I have compared they were not any cheaper than North County Yamaha (I mail order Yammy parts from them too, usually using HLSM to find PN). Another thing is you don’t know if it is in stock when you order over the internet or how long it will take to arrive. But HLSM seems to have a pretty good inventory, stuff they had to backorder was not available at NCY either.

I’d sooner ride a ten year old XL than buy parts at my local dealer, they are morons, so I am especially appreciative of whoever it was that first posted the HLSM site here. Can I be sued for libel if I say Mr. Yamaha’s (in El Paso) parts department is staffed by idiots? The last time I went there I had to step behind the counter and locate the part myself. It was sitting in plain sight. It was a chain. The guy thought the 520 signified engine displacement, “But didn’t you say YZ426? What make is that again?” I’m not making this up. Do you feel my pain? :)

The best thing about the HLSM site, IMO, is I was able to download and print my own little parts book to put in a binder along with my owners manual. It is a handy reference to have lying around when you are working on your bike.

I'm still getting excellent service and a good deal from the guys at Montclair Yamaha. I now deal over the phone and the stuff is here the next day.


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