Super Motard - Race 1 - The Story

Super Motard - The Racers Story.

Neil (Splint) and I left Melbourne on Saturday morning in preparation for a 9 hour drive to Wollongong for the first ever Super Motard event in Australia. Well, the drive in itself is a real story, but I will come back to that another day.

We spent an entertaining evening in Wollongong viewing the local wildlife and the mating rituals of the young male and female specimens. A few beers, a few hundred California rolls and we were both ready for bed. NOT together ofcourse.

Sunday morning, 7:00am. I could not sleep for the excitement of the race (let truth be known, Neil snors, I mean he really snors…. :)) Well, as you can imagine, I was nervous as hell. Tummy was turning and tumbling like a tiny gymnist. Jumping, bumping, rolling, heaving… AGGGHHHH, the sensation would not go away. WE arrived at the track at 9:30am, we were one of the first. As the event started at 11:30am, I expected there to be quite a few participants. Fear and depression began to swell.. L.

I began prepping the bike by cleaning it. All else was done, all I needed was the bike to look pretty and to take care of me though all the racing to come. The clock hit 10:30am and the riders began rolling in. All types of bikes. Dirt Bikes, trail bikes, nobbies, gripsters and there were a few that had the complete Super Motard setup. Wow, imprerssive and unexpected! But, realistically, I am the only person there who has actual Super Motard experience. I should have the upper hand here. Time will tell.

11:45am. Time for the first group. There were about 15 of us in this group and a total of 4 SM setup bikes, including mine. The starter waved us by one at a time with a reasonable spacing to avoid any major accidents on the first corner. Afterall, this was new for everybody. Well, I waited for the last rider and then commenced warming my tires up on the first lap. Left and right and left and right. Gentle through the dirt and then back on the pavement. Hell, the tires are warm enough. And away we go. Power slide through the last turn on the track. Short shift into third. Shift body to the left and crest the bike, shift into second and hard on the binders! Hard 2nd gear left and then hard 2nd gear right (Chicane) and then power slide wide to maintain speeed. Short shift into 3nd and then back to 2nd and take the corner tight. As I power slided out of the previous turn I was unable to go wide and apex the corner, so I was forced to take it tight (I would work on this move during the day). 2nd through the corner, quick zap of the throttle and then hard right with the peg touching down. Hold the throttle steady and power slide out of the corner for the right. Keep her in second and bounce of the rev limiter. Dive hard on the brakes, take the corner from left to right scraping the peg on the apex. Hold her in second all the way to the tight right hander before the dirt. Brake, brake, backing into the corner. Keep her in sceond while crawling through the first dirt section. I have a street tire on the rear so I cannot be too zealous with the gas. Tourque through the corner and then "SLIP" the rear lets loose and starts spinning offering virtually no traction! In control IN control. Power slide and then straighten. Shift into 3rd and WRRAAAAPPP over the jump. Dive under breaks for the left. Pitch into the corner, hit the gas and rail the little berm! NO! I railed the corner but no tread on a street tire, so all I railed was air!!!!! Second jump in second and then hard on the anchors before the dirt to tar transition. Keep it in second and power back onto the pavement going wide with a power slide. Right coming up, short shjift into 3rd and then back to 2nd with a touch of the rear and heavy on the front… DRIFT into the right hander tight and then power slide wide …. ONE LAP complete.

2nd session: The day was great, except for the time when they watered the first dirt corner for 10 minutes. Virtually all riders with street tires went down on that one. This ruined my 2nd session as I was extremely pissed at the organiser and gave him the verbal hello. He will never do that again.

3rd session: No rear tire left. I went into the event with a virtually bald rear street tire. It was not an official race, so I did not feel like spending $200 on a tire. Well, riding on the pavement part felt like riding on the dirt. The backwheel would spin absolutely everywhere. No traction at all. LOTS of fun though

4th session: Same as the third, can you say Ice Capades!!!! :D

During session 1, I was actually lapping quicker than anybody else.. J When my rear tire gave up, I was lapping third fastest. Not bad. I am reasonably happy with myself, but I know I can certainly ride a lot faster than I did. New track, need some time to get the best cornering points.

55 riders turned up for this event with limited advertising. In actual fact, most was through word of mouth.


Was there a race or not.What position did u finish.

Hey Sam,

It was not an official race. It was an official demo event to gain interest. The organisers expect to have a race in November and an official series to start in January


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