Radiator hose burst

I just bought a 2002 XR650 that has less than 500 miles and has been sitting for awhile. I took it out for the first time Saturday and after approximately 14 miles of fire roads the radiator hose (#28) that goes from the top of the radiator on both sides, burst. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Also when I went to check the thermstat, I found that there wasn't one, which explains why this bike takes so long to warm up. The bike has a powerup kit, rejetted, and has a block off kit. I was also wondering if anyone knew where to get the hose at a decent price since it is $64 at the Honda dealer and $55 online and isn't worth anywhere near that price.

If the bike has been sitting that is probably why the hose burst. Sitting for extended periods is not good for any part of the bike especially rubber ones. You should be able to find heater hose that will work for your application at any autoparts store. If not I'm sure you can take the old piece in with you and they can match up a radiator hose off some type of automoblie that should work just fine for your application (might need a little cutting). You know how Honda Dealers pricing is....:thumbsup:

Good luck!

The stock hose in my XR was seriously eroded (maybe by the stock tank which is now long gone) on the right side. Caught the deteriorating hose on time and replaced it with:

5/16" (id) fuel injection hose (buy about a foot)

after one season it showed no deterioration inside from glycol with water wetter. The outside still rubbed off a bit, I think it is against the tank mount, but fuel injection hose is so thick there is a lot of life left in it.

A friend's stock hose went in the middle of the trail, with a rupture in the same spot.



When I bought my bike in 2003 that was one of the hoses that I inspected and changed out. First if it is not set in there just right it well get some wear on it and you risk the chance of it bursting. I also changed out the little hose clamps.

Good luck

Thanks for all the advice. I ended up replacing the hose with a high pressure fuel injection line which worked well.

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