About Masters Splinter's week-end for two wheel assasins, I got my dates wrong, it's not this week-end comming up but the next one. But if you still want to go for a spin this week-end just let me know.By the way how did you pull up on Monday? I managed to get home by 2:00 am and get some sleep.By the way I think I left my camera in your car, can't wait to see how the photo's worked out I've also rung Tomolin's so my decal kit is on the way!

Let me know when the next motard is on.

P.S. did you get that web address I told you about?

[This message has been edited by splint (edited 09-19-2000).]

Good morning Master,

Next weekend? Cant make it next weekend, I have a date in Moab....

This weekend, I am free on Saturday and Sunday. Did you want to come down to my place Sunday morning, with ya bike. We would then head down to Barrabool MX track. Does that sound like a plan????

Also, yes, I have the camera. AS far as Monday morning, felt like **** , my legs were killing me for days.

I will call you tonight champ.


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