Lowering Kit - England

I ride a 98 WR400 & I'm after a lowering kit. I've read on the archives '99' that Scott Performance sell one in Southern California, but it's a bit far to go from England ! & the local Motor X shops (Leeds-England) don't do them.

Does anybody know anywhere in England which sells the lowering kit, or how I can get hold of one.



it's just as easy, cheap & quick to get it from ther states with your credit card go that way.


Scotts does not sell a Kit they modify your suspension components to not allow the full extension by using internal spacers. Usually if you shorten the Forks over 15mm they will also have to cut the springs down and revalve. When you shorten the forks and cut the sprigns they become harsher and need an accompanying revalve to bring back plushness.

The point is its not a kit but a specialized personal modification. There are other suspension shops who perform this kind of service. Go to the Dirt bike forum and pose your question over there and you would probably get some more insight form Rich Rohnrich as he is short and has had similar work done on his personal Yamaha.



Hey Guys,

White Brothers does an official lowering kit..

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